Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bar in Ohio Continues Last Fight for Freedom in America

The owner of Zeno’s Victorian Village, 384 W. Third Ave, a bar in Columbus, Ohio is still fighting to stop the smoking ban. They will be the first bar to challenge the right of the city to enforce the statewide smoking ban at a hearing Wednesday.

From the news story:

Zeno’s first encounter with the city came early on, with an investigation that started a year ago this month and resulted in a warning letter sent in late July. In October, the establishment was fined $100. That fine was paid.

In early December, the city fined Zeno’s $1,000. That’s double the base level for a second fine. The law allows the city to double the fine when inspectors believe the violations are “ intentional,” said John Richter, supervisor for Columbus’ smoke-free program.

The business has not paid that fine and instead requested the administrative hearing to take place Wednesday. A hearing officer will make recommendations to the Board of Health, which will take up the matter at its next meeting.

In the meantime, city started a fourth investigation in March, resulting in yet another fine, this time for $2,000, Richter said.

Each investigation was prompted by a complaint called into the city.

Dick Allen, owner of Zeno’s, could not be reached.